If you are interested in becoming a part of our sober homes in Delray Beach, then you must be serious about maintaining your sobriety. To get started on your journey to lasting sobriety with Life Change Recovery then you must respect the rules we’ve put in place for the residences to ensure the environment is safe, comfortable, and clean for everyone to live in and enjoy equally. We want to know that your sobriety is always protected and that you’re staying vigilant, therefore random drug screens will be conducted to keep our sober living in Delray Beach drug-free and conducive to the path to positivity. Individuals under our guided care can expect to feel increasing levels of personal accomplishments, self-esteem, self-sufficiency along with confidence so that there is progress toward the ultimate goal of full independence. You will begin developing a strong foundation for your recovery, grown from a twelve-step based program in a safe Delray Beach sober living environment.

Special sobriety palm trees.

Are you ready to begin sober living in Delray Beach under our guidance and care? Now is time to touch base with one of our halfway houses in Delray Beach by filling out our convenient contact form or dialing our 24/7 sober support hotline at (561) 870-7012 to become instantly connected with one of our specialists. We will assess your situation and prepare a plan of action to have you living in one of our beautiful residences swiftly, safely, and securely. There are numerous top rated intensive outpatient programs (IOP) in the South Florida area to provide our clientele with effective addiction therapy that we strongly encourage to participate in so you can sustain and further your personal sobriety. Are you ready to make a 360 full circle change for the better in your life? Listed below are a few expectations we have for everyone in our family while you are under our care such as:

You should be either gainfully employed, academics, doing service or volunteer work.

Please attend twelve step meetings regularly during the week along with having a sponsor.

Always attend our family house meetings where you can share your experience.

You must abide by our weekly and weekend curfew rules. No exceptions.

Be respectful to any staff you encounter, management, and your fellow house peers.

Do your chores within reason to ensure the household is squeaky clean for everyone to enjoy.

We encourage all to engage in the recreational and physical fitness activities provided.

Have fun in recovery and always be productive to personally enrich every single day!

Any Questions? Comments? Concerns?