Our men’s, women’s and couples sober living in Delray Beach embraces the idea of sobriety and what it stands for. The founders of Life Change Recovery Sober Living believe that everything happens for a reason, and our calling is to help the next sick and suffering addict or alcoholic achieve peace and inner healing under the guidance of addiction experts. The mission of our sober homes in Delray Beach is not to divide but to bring close groups of people that share a common bond with the disease of addiction into the same household and see them embrace the idea of recovery together without resorting back to drug or alcohol abuse.


They say an addict or alcoholic will do nothing but use or drink until their lives drain away into nothingness, but we do not believe that. We’ve seen recovered souls go on and perform amazing feats of human achievements for the empowerment, progress, and growth of our society. Many of these accomplishments are out of reach and far beyond the wildest dreams of even the most stone cold sober critics. We can survive and adapt to unheard of situations and have a special skill for perseverance unseen in most humans. It is our belief that addicts and alcoholics must harness these hard earned experiences, and when the time calls and asked upon, to spreading the messages of recovery and sobriety.

Normal people have not seen the things we’ve seen, done the things we’ve done, slipped out of situations that get tenser with every second. That is why we believe in and value the continued success of our Life Change Recovery sober homes in Delray Beach. We provide every member of our family with a personalized plan for a 360 full circle turnaround of your current negative behaviors so that you can learn to channel your so-called imperfections into positivity. Reinvent yourself while under the roof of a management team that actually cares about your outcome, where our primary mission is to prepare you not only for present threats to your sobriety but also for the real world after you’ve left our guardianship.


Hailed for our detailed aftercare planning that is the cornerstone of any lasting recovery, our South Florida sober living homes are always a step ahead, especially during your time of personal growth under our care. As a cohesive team, we provide everyone with comfort and amenities unlike any other to ensure your happiness. From Netflix subscriptions to high speed Wi-Fi, it is our mission to assist every client to the fullest, yet within reason, as you must hold yourself accountable for actions conducted in sobriety. Some other goodies, especially our weekend outings, may include:

  • watersports in the tropical scenery
  • beautiful beaches around South Florida
  • various festivals throughout the year
  • many carnivals in the area
  • building resumes for success
  • job interview skills training
  • continued life skills training
  • supplemental nutritional assistance program (SNAP) registration
  • trips to the food bank as needed
  • so much more!

As our mission statement evolves and grows, we stand strong with every addict and alcoholic that is still suffering. If you or your loved ones are out there using and apprehensive, think of it as a friendly conversation, no strings attached. Our consultations and assessments are cost-free, and our goal is to provide the best advice for success for who is on the other end of the line. Many times our sober homes in Delray Beach have the answers to your problems, with our network of recovery relationships with top intensive outpatient treatment programs, we can recommend a facility that is right for you. It is a balance that is geared for success: reinvent yourself and regain your strength at one of our safe, comfortable, and recovery-oriented sober houses as you work on the core issues of your substance abuse with addiction counselors and therapists. What are you waiting for? Contact us around the clock for assistance.

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Seashells by the sea shore are peaceful for sobriety.