Welcome to Life Change Recovery: 360 Full Circle To Sobriety

It is our honor to offer beautiful Delray Beach sober living residences for men, women, and couples to recover comfortably in a safe and secure environment. We are also pet friendly and LGBT friendly. In our couples halfway houses in Delray Beach and transitional sober homes for men and women, our clients are part of a family. We encourage you to use the freedom to live your daily life responsibly and create the building blocks for self-sufficiency. Our team will provide you with the tools, knowledge, and structure for long-term sobriety.

We have reflected and realized that in the same way many of us have made a 360 in our lives, now we want to help others in making a full circle 360 change in their lives. Our goal is to give every single client the support and opportunity to regain or obtain a life of meaningful sobriety. We want your experience in our sober homes in Delray Beach to last a lifetime and as you heal internally from the damage caused by addiction. We help our residents with building vocational skills, weekend recovery outings, toiletries, Netflix subscription, high speed Wi-Fi, nutritional assistance, and so much more to ensure that you recover in comfort throughout your stay.

Providing our residents with life skills training and structured supervision with live-in house management is our mission. Giving our clients a nurturing family/community environment where you always feel safe and comfortable is our primary goal. This allows one a unique opportunity to go from a caterpillar to a butterfly; shedding the dead skin of your past addiction and becoming a new creature is a total life change on your journey to genuine recovery. Allow our pet friendly and LGBT friendly Delray Beach sober living to assist you with our steadfast experience, compassionate guidance, and the structure you need on the road to freedom from substance abuse and alcoholism.

Contact us today to speak with a Life Change Recovery representative. We will provide you with the latest information on placement and bed openings in our beautiful recovery homes.

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, drug overdose deaths are at epidemic proportions. Life Change Recovery has the resources to assist you in finding intensive outpatient addiction therapy while you reside in a structured and safe sober home. You or your loved ones do not have to be a victim or the next statistic. Life is so beautiful and worth living in sobriety! There is light at the end of the tunnel if you find the courage and inner strength to reach out for our guided help. We will never give up or stop raising awareness about substance abuse, instead, we continue energizing the recovery world with effective sober living.

2001 Drug Overdose Deaths: 20,000
2018 Drug Overdose Deaths: 68,500

Structured Environment

Our transitional sober living homes in Delray Beach are based on the principle of allowing you enough freedom to live your daily life and take care of your responsibilities as a grown man or woman, but with enough structure and supervision in place to ensure that your road to self-sufficiency is ultimately successful. We’ve found on-site management to be an effective deterrent for relapse based behaviors and all of our staff are carefully picked and trained to do the job with utmost dignity and respect. When you’re part of the Life Change Recovery family, we treat everyone like our brothers and sisters. We pull each other up if one person is struggling, and no one is ever left behind. As part of our family, you will be guided to long-term recovery with compassionate care throughout your stay.

Comfortable Amenities

All of our sober homes in Delray Beach for men, women, and couples are maintained to ensure that you recover in maximum comfort and our priority is the safety of everyone under our roof. It is our duty to make sure that you are in a drug-free environment, which means random drug and alcohol screenings to always keep our sober living homes running smoothly and efficiently at all times for everyone in that particular household. Our expectation is for every individual to have assigned chores so that the workload of maintaining your household is spread evenly as you build your character and self-worth by doing these seemingly mindless at first glance but in reality very esteemable tasks that require a certain level of responsibility and accountability.

Our Core Values

What makes us different from many halfway houses in Delray Beach are our core values that we instill in each resident. Caring for one another, accountability for your actions, responsibility for your chores, ensuring that each member of the household is treated like a real person with unique traits and characteristics—that has been the key to sobriety for our residents and it continues to unlock the effectiveness of our approach to sober living. By providing a safe, comfortable, and recovery-oriented atmosphere, we wish for all clients to feel at peace and at ease when they are relaxing inside the household. We encourage a twelve-step philosophy with meetings and sponsorship because it has saved countless lives around the work and is backed by evidence.

Testimonials from Management and Successfully Recovered Clientele

“Our primary mission has always been to be cut from a different cloth. Our number one concern is always for the well-being and safety of the individuals under our roof. With a great team in place with years of experience battling the disease of addiction, we are confident that our sober living homes offer the highest chance at the remission of substance abuse and the positive reinvention of our residents into productive members of society. We will continue to strive above and beyond to provide the most pleasant and rewarding transitional living experience in all of South Florida.”

- L.C.R. Leadership

“My time spent at the Life Change Recovery sober living homes was one that was extremely beneficial to myself personally and furthered my recovery. It allowed me a safe space to grow as a person in early recovery and be around people committed to the same ideals as myself. There was always someone from Life Change Recovery there to help me if I needed anything and the daily checks on how my day was and what I did for my recovery really helped keep me focused on what my priorities are. The bottom line is that without Betsy and my Life Change Recovery experience, my sobriety would not be where it is today.”

- Daniel Chess

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